MDR/XDR-TB management of patients and contacts: Challenges facing the new decade. The 2020 clinical update by the Global Tuberculosis Network

G.B. Migliori, S. Tiberi, A. Zumla, E. Petersen, J.M. Chakaya, C. Wejse, M. Muñoz Torrico, R. Duarte, J.W. Alffenaar, H.S. Schaaf, B.J. Marais, D.M. Cirillo, R. Alagna, A. Rendon, E. Pontali, A. Piubello, J. Figueroa, G. Ferlazzo, A. García-Basteiro, R. CentisD. Visca, L. D'Ambrosio, G. Sotgiu, T.A. Arkub, O.W. Akkerman, A. Aleksa, E. Belilovski, E. Bernal, F.-X. Blanc, M. Boeree, S. Borisov, J. Bruchfeld, J. Cadiñanos Loidi, J.A. Caminero, A.C. Carvalho, J.J. Cebrian Gallardo, Charalampos, E. Danila, L. Davies Forsman, J. Denholm, K. Dheda, R. Diel, S. Diktanas, C. Dobler, M. Enwerem, S. Esposito, N. Escobar Salinas, A. Filippov, B. Formenti, J.M. García García, D. Goletti, R. Gomez Rosso, G. Gualano, P. Isaakidis, A. Kaluzhenina, S. Koirala, L. Kuksa, H. Kunst, Y. Li, C. Magis-Escurra, V. Manfrin, S. Manga, K. Manika, V. Marchese, E. Martínez Robles, A. Maryandyshev, A. Matteelli, A. Mariani, J. Mazza-Stalder, F. Mello, L. Mendoza, A. Mesi, S. Miliauskas, H. Mustafa Hamdan, N. Ndjeka, M. Nieto Marcos, T.H.M. Ottenhoff, D.J. Palmero, F. Palmieri, A. Papavasileiou, M.C. Payen, A. Pontarelli, M. Pretti Dalcolmo, S. Quirós Fernandez, R. Romero, D. Rossato Silva, A.P. Santos, B. Seaworth, M. Sinitsyn, A. Skrahina, I. Solovic, A. Spanevello, M. Tadolini, C. Torres, Z. Udwadia, M. van den Boom, G.V. Volchenkov, A. Yedilbayev, R. Zaleskis, J.P. Zellweger, the members of the Global Tuberculosis Network

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The continuous flow of new research articles on MDR-TB diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation requires frequent update of existing guidelines. This review is aimed at providing clinicians and public health staff with an updated and easy-to-consult document arising from consensus of Global Tuberculosis Network (GTN) experts.

The core published documents and guidelines have been reviewed, including the recently published MDR-TB WHO rapid advice and ATS/CDC/ERS/IDSA guidelines.

After a rapid review of epidemiology and risk factors, the clinical priorities on MDR-TB diagnosis (including whole genome sequencing and drug-susceptibility testing interpretations) and treatment (treatment design and management, TB in children) are discussed. Furthermore, the review comprehensively describes the latest information on contact tracing and LTBI management in MDR-TB contacts, while providing guidance on post-treatment functional evaluation and rehabilitation of TB sequelae, infection control and other public health priorities. (C) 2020 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd on behalf of International Society for Infectious Diseases.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S15-S25
Number of pages16
JournalInternational Journal of Infectious Diseases
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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