Meeting the needs of cancer patients: Is there a need for an organizational change?

Chiara Foà, Tiziana Mancini, Rossella Prandi, Lida Ghirardi, Franca de Vincenzi, Maria Cristina Cornelli, Patrizia Copelli, Giovanna Artioli

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As stated in the literature the most important needs of cancer patients are not adequately meet. Improving information, communication and education provided have not led to incisive changes in the organizational model of the oncology departments. The study contributes to this direction, by planning an “Integrated Operating Point” (I.O.P.) dedicated to cancer patients and their relatives in Italy. 42 Some professionals, patients and relatives were involved and 42 of them participated in focus group/or interviews. Results of thematic content analysis allow us to sketch out some key elements that I.O.P. should have in order to support cancer patients and their families. Integration of services, continuity of care, and cooperation between professionals involved are key elements that might qualify such organizational development.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)165-173
Number of pages9
JournalActa Biomedica
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015
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  • Cancer
  • Focus group
  • Interview
  • Needs
  • Patient
  • Professional
  • Relative

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