Methodology of "physical and Rehabilitation Medicine practice, Evidence Based Position Papers: The European position" produced by the UEMS-PRM Section

Stefano Negrini, Carlotte Kiekens, Mauro Zampolini, Daniel Wever, Enrique Varela Donoso, Nicolas Christodoulou

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Since 2009 the Professional Practice Committee of the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) Section of the European Union (EU) of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is producing Position Papers (PPs) on the role of PRM physicians for patients with different health conditions or related topics of PRM Interest. These PPs represent the Official Position of the EU in the specific field. Until now, sixteen papers have been produced, recently collected in an e-book. To proceed with the future PPs, the UEMS PRM Section defines with this paper the methodological approach to a PP, so to have a common and validated scientific structure. The final aim is to increase the quality, representativeness and visibility of this production for the benefit of all PRM specialists in (and out) of Europe. The Position Papers must be Evidence Based (EBPP). Therefore it comprises a systematic review as well as a Consensus procedure among the EU Countries delegates. All the sections of an EBPP are presented in details (title, authors, abstract, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusion). The systematic review must focus on Cochrane reviews, randomised controlled trials and guidelines of PRM professional practice interest. The Consensus on the recommendations must be reached through a Delphi procedure, usually in four major rounds (each round can have repeated voting). The EBPP must produce Final Recommendations for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Professional Practice in Europe. The following overall structure for recommendations is suggested: one overall general recommendation on PRM professional practice; PRM physicians' role in Medical Diagnosis - ICD; PRM diagnosis and assessment according to ICF; PRM process (Project definition, Team, PRM interventions, Outcome criteria, Length and continuity of treatment); future research on PRM professional practice.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)134-141
Number of pages8
JournalEuropean Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2016


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