Translated title of the contribution: Micro-circulatory research into vascular labyrinthopathies: Conjunctival biomicroscopy and retinal fluoroangiography

G. Galioto, P. Castelnuovo, P. Galioto, G. Vandelli, A. Ghisolfi

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In the literature studies have been carried out in order to establish the etiological relationship between systemic vasculopathies and vascular labyrinthopathies. This study involved cases of labyrinthopathies in which it was impossible to establish the etiological relationship with a systemic disease but, never-the-less, lead one to suspect a vascular pathogenesis. This study was carried out on a population of 16 subjects suffering from repeated episodes of deafness, vertigo and tinnitus. All subjects were preliminarily examined to evaluate the acoustic-vestibular function and underwent a series of hematochemical and hematorheological tests in order to estimate the existence of a systemic vasculopathy. The morphological and functional evaluation of the microcirculation was studied by using conjunctival biomicroscopy and retinal fluoroangiography. Conjunctival biomicroscopy has shown pathognomonic cases of peripheral micro-circulatory damage with intensive intravascular erythrocyte sludging, in addition to obvious vascular abnormalities such as dilation, tortuosity and sack-like potrusions. Retinal fluoroangiography carried out exclusively on the posterior pole showed frequent abnormalities of the perifoveolar capillary network, an area that, due to its particular anatomo-functional characteristic, can be defined as 'high stress microcirculation'. These two methods have proved to be useful in forming the diagnosis for vascular labyrinthopathies, demonstrating initial microcirculatory alteration while other tests still give dubious results.

Translated title of the contributionMicro-circulatory research into vascular labyrinthopathies: Conjunctival biomicroscopy and retinal fluoroangiography
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)619-628
Number of pages10
JournalActa Otorhinolaryngologica Italica
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1984

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