Microenvironment-centred dynamics in aggressive b-cell lymphomas

Matilde Cacciatore, Carla Guarnotta, Marco Calvaruso, Sabina Sangaletti, Ada Maria Florena, Vito Franco, Mario Paolo Colombo, Claudio Tripodo

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Aggressive B-cell lymphomas share high proliferative and invasive attitudes and dismal prognosis despite heterogeneous biological features. In the interchained sequence of events leading to cancer progression, neoplastic clone-intrinsic molecular events play a major role. Nevertheless, microenvironment-related cues have progressively come into focus as true determinants for this process. The cancer-associated microenvironment is a complex network of nonneoplastic immune and stromal cells embedded in extracellular components, giving rise to a multifarious crosstalk with neoplastic cells towards the induction of a supportive milieu. The immunological and stromal microenvironments have been classically regarded as essential partners of indolent lymphomas, while considered mainly negligible in the setting of aggressive B-cell lymphomas that, by their nature, are less reliant on external stimuli. By this paper we try to delineate the cardinal microenvironment-centred dynamics exerting an influence over lymphoid clone progression in aggressive B-cell lymphomas.

Original languageEnglish
Article number138079
JournalAdvances in Hematology
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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  • Hematology


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