Macrocheilite granulomatosa di Miescher: A proposito di un caso clinico

Translated title of the contribution: Miescher's granulomatous cheilitis: Report of a case

A. M. Carrozzo, S. Gatti, G. Primavera, U. Nocentini, E. Angelini, C. Marinaro, G. Nini

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The case is a 57 year old woman who has had recurrent manifestation angioedema-like of lip and tongue, oral mucosa and part of cheeks (symmetrically), for about 30 years. Between two event a permanent edema of the above-mentioned areas established particulary on the lower. Neurological disturbances have also been present for a two-year period. The presence on the lips of a chronic phlogosis, which has recently extended, also to the cheks symmetrically, with histological characteristics of granulomatic type and the absence of peripheric facial paralysis have led us to diagnose Miescher's granulomatous macrocheilitis. As well as the rareness of this pathology, of the unknown ethiology, the interest in this case comes from the presence of neuropsichyatric signs.

Original languageItalian
JournalDermatologia Clinica
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1997


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Carrozzo, A. M., Gatti, S., Primavera, G., Nocentini, U., Angelini, E., Marinaro, C., & Nini, G. (1997). Macrocheilite granulomatosa di Miescher: A proposito di un caso clinico. Dermatologia Clinica, 17(2).