Mini-invasive video-assisted mastectomy: Techniques

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This chapter will present the techniques of minimally invasive nipple sparing mastectomy with the specific intent to provide technical guidance to the breast surgeon who wishes to deepen the procedure using an appropriate medium. The goal, which we intent to achieve, is to provide a theoretical and practical manual accompanied by an adequate and appropriate iconography that will help all users to orient themselves in a landscape that can be seemingly complex and difficult to untangle. From a basic point of view, we will consider three different technical approaches that allow for the procedure, NSM with retractor, NSM with SILS and robotics NPM, maintaining the symmetry as discussed in the previous Chap. 8. The order in which the procedures are presented is not random but really wanted to, because they express a path of gradual deepening of current available techniques, to achieve that type of mastectomy. This order also expressed the ideal training course for the breast surgeon should take to achieve complete mastery of the mini-invasive video-assisted approaches.

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