Natural History of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer with Bone Metastases

Santini Daniele, Barni Sandro, Intagliata Salvatore, Falcone Alfredo, Ferraù Francesco, Galetta Domenico, Moscetti Luca, La Verde Nicla, Ibrahim Toni, Petrelli Fausto, Vasile Enrico, Ginocchi Laura, Ottaviani Davide, Longo Flavia, Ortega Cinzia, Russo Antonio, Badalamenti Giuseppe, Collovà Elena, Lanzetta Gaetano, Mansueto GiovanniAdamo Vincenzo, De Marinis Filippo, Satolli Maria Antonietta, Cantile Flavia, Mancuso Andrea, Francesca Maria Tanca, Addeo Raffaele, Russano Marco, M. Sterpi, Pantano Francesco, Vincenzi Bruno, Tonini Giuseppe

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We conducted a large, multicenter, retrospective survey aimed to explore the impact of tumor bone involvement in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.Data on clinical-pathology, skeletal outcomes and bone-directed therapies for 661 deceased patients with evidence of bone metastasis were collected and statistically analyzed. Bone metastases were evident at diagnosis in 57.5% of patients. In the remaining cases median time to bone metastases appearance was 9 months. Biphosphonates were administered in 59.6% of patients. Skeletal-related events were experienced by 57.7% of patients; the most common was the need for radiotherapy. Median time to first skeletal-related event was 6 months. Median survival after bone metastases diagnosis was 9.5 months and after the first skeletal-related event was 7 months. We created a score based on four factors used to predict the overall survival from the diagnosis of bone metastases: age >65 years, non-adenocarcinoma histology, ECOG Performance Status >2, concomitant presence of visceral metastases at the bone metastases diagnosis. The presence of more than two of these factors is associated with a worse prognosis.This study demonstrates that patients affected by Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with bone metastases represent a heterogeneous population in terms of risk of skeletal events and survival.

Original languageEnglish
Article number18670
JournalScientific Reports
Publication statusPublished - Dec 22 2015

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