Translated title of the contribution: Neonatal audiometric screening: A 5 year experience

B. M. Belotti, V. Tarantino, F. Tassone

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The listening experiences cumulated by children in the first 3 yr of life, starting from the first month, are essential in the process of language learning. Furthermore, sound stimulation plays an important role in the process of anatomic and functional maturation of acoustic and central nervous systems. From this emerges the importance of helping children with hearing problems to develop speaking ability, avoiding the late occurrence of behavioural problems. The chance of succeeding in this purpose will strictly depend on the precocity of the rehabilitative intervention. The authors present data obtained through non-conditioned reflexes evoked in 6530 newborns aged 2, 4 and 6 days. The percentage of positive responses (18% in the second day) has become significant only starting from the fourth day (60%), while in the sixth day 90% of children examined responded positively. Cochlear-palpebral reflex was the most frequently observed. Dubious responses, or lack of response (10%) were observed in jaundiced newborns (36.7%), in those born from complicated labors (23.6%) and in the pre-term (18.3%). In 17.5% of cases with dubious response, no relevant pathological condition could be identified. In children displaying repeatedly lack of response, additional tests were carried out, such as impedenzometry and electroencephaloaudiometry. The neonatal audiometric selection cannot be considered a very sophisticated test, but still allows preliminary diagnostic orientations and, when necessary, indicates the need for performing more informative and complicated tests.

Translated title of the contributionNeonatal audiometric screening: A 5 year experience
Original languageItalian
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Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1982

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