Nevoid melanoma of the vagina: Report of one case diagnosed on thin layer cytological preparations

Franco Fulciniti, Paolo Antonio Ascierto, Ester Simeone, Patrizia Bove, Simona Losito, Serena Russo, Maria Stella Gallo, Stefano Greggi

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Background. Primary melanoma of the vagina is an extremely rare neoplasm with approximately 250 reported cases in the world literature [1-4]. In its amelanotic variant this lesion may raise several differential diagnostic problems in cytological specimens [5]. In this setting, the usage of thin layer cytopathological techniques (Liquid Based Preparations = LBP) may enhance the diagnostic sensitivity by permitting immunocytochemical study without having to repeat the sampling procedure. The aim of this paper is to describe the cytomorphological presentation of primary vaginal melanoma on LBP since it has not previously been reported up to now, to our knowledge. Case presentation. a 79-y-o female complaining of vulvar itching and yellowish vaginal discharge underwent a complete gynaecological evaluation during which a LBP cytological sample was taken from a suspicious whitish mass protruding into the vaginal lumen. A cytopathological diagnosis of amelanotic melanoma was rendered. The mass was radically excised and the patient was treated with α-Interferon. Conclusion. amelanotic melanoma may be successfully diagnosed on LBP cytological preparations. Thin layer preparations may enhance the diagnostic cytomorphological clues to its diagnosis and may permit an adequate immunocytochemical characterization of the neoplasm.

Original languageEnglish
Article number14
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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