New insight into antiphospholipid syndrome: antibodies to β2glycoprotein I-domain 5 fail to induce thrombi in rats

Paolo Durigutto, Claudia Grossi, Maria Orietta Borghi, Paolo Macor, Francesca Pregnolato, Elena Raschi, Michael P Myers, Philip G de Groot, Pier Luigi Meroni, Francesco Tedesco

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Clinical studies have reported different diagnostic/predictive values of antibodies to domain 1 or 4/5 of β2glycoproteinI in terms of risk of thrombosis and pregnancy complications in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome. To obtain direct evidence for the pathogenic role of anti-domain 1 or anti-domain 4/5 antibodies, we analysed the in vivo pro-coagulant effect of two groups of 5 serum IgG each reacting selectively with domain 1 or domain 5 in LPS-treated rats. Antibody-induced thrombus formation in mesenteric vessels was followed by intravital microscopy and vascular deposition of β2glycoproteinI, human IgG and C3 was analyzed by immunofluorescence. Five serum IgG with undetectable anti-β2glycoproteinI antibodies served as controls. All the anti-domain 1 positive IgG exhibited potent pro-coagulant activity while the anti-domain 5 positive and the negative control IgG failed to promote blood clot and vessels occlusion. A stronger granular deposit of IgG/C3 was found on the mesenteric endothelium of rats treated with anti-domain 1 antibodies, as opposed to a mild linear IgG staining and absence of C3 observed in rats receiving anti-domain 5 antibodies. Purified anti-domain 5 IgG, unlike anti-domain 1 IgG, did not recognize cardiolipin-bound β2glycoprotein I while able to interact with fluid-phase β2glycoproteinI. These findings may explain the failure of anti-domain 5 antibodies to exhibit in vivo thrombogenic effect and the interaction of these antibodies with circulating β2glycoproteinI suggest their potential competitive role with the pro-coagulant activity of anti-domain 1 antibodies. These data aim at better defining really at risk patients for more appropriate treatments to avoid recurrences and disability.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - Nov 15 2018


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