Le nuove linee guida WHO/ISH per la terapia dell'ipertensione: Novita e ricadute pratiche

Translated title of the contribution: New WHO/ISH guideline for antihypertensive treatment: News and practical outcome

C. Cuspidi, J. I. Rocanova, L. Valagussa

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The goal of antihypertensive treatment is the reduction and abolition of the excess of cardiovascular risk associated with high blood pressure. Optimal blood pressure reduction is the one causing the maximum achievable prevention of hypertension-induced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, despite the fact that pharmacological treatment of arterial hypertension has become frequent in developed societies, epidemiological surveys in the United States and Europe indicate that patients with well controlled blood pressure represent a relatively small percentage of the hypertensive population. Insufficient reduction in blood pressure may be a major reason why treated hypertensive patients still have a significantly greater cardiovascular risk than normotensive subjects. Several factors may explain the unsatisfactory blood pressure control in hypertensive patients: the adverse effects of antihypertensive drugs, the poor compliance to the therapeutic regimens and lifestyle modifications, and finally the factors related to medical approach (there is often uncertainty among clinicians about how to manage arterial hypertension). The major international guidelines offer balanced information to guide clinicians about the management of individual patients, who differ in their personal, clinical and demographic characteristics. The widespread diffusion and application of these guidelines may represent an important tool in the effort of improving blood pressure control.

Translated title of the contributionNew WHO/ISH guideline for antihypertensive treatment: News and practical outcome
Original languageItalian
JournalAnnali Italiani di Medicina Interna, Supplement
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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