Oncoplastic surgery and cancer relapses: Cosmetic and oncological results in 489 patients

G. Semprini, F. Cattin, L. Vaienti, M. Brizzolari, C. Cedolini, P. C. Parodi

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During the past 20 years, breast conservation has become the preferred treatment modality for breast carcinoma, and in recent times there is an increased expectation from breast cancer patients to retain their "normal breast appearance". For large tumor-to-breast ratio excision, the subspecialty of oncoplastic surgery is born, helping to achieve a good oncologic and esthetic result. In our study we have considered 767 patients undergone a mastectomy or quadrantectomy, and especially 489 undergone quadrantectomy. We have used our protocol for breast reshaping and analyzed our data in terms of oncologic safety and esthetic results. Considering the lesions, they were placed like this: 214 (44%) in the SEQ, 58 lesions (12%) in the SIQ, 54 lesions (11%) in the IEQ, 24 lesions (5%) in the IIQ, 45 lesions (9%) respectively in the CQ and between the SQ, 39 lesions (8%) between the EQ, 5 lesions (1%) respectively between the internal quadrants and between the inferior quadrants. We have chosen simple breast reshapings in case of operations on the superior quadrants, while, in case of operations on the inferior quadrants, we have chosen complex techniques, like reshapings according to a "key hole" reductive mammaplasty, which requires also a contralateral reshaping. We have done simple and monolateral reshapings respectively in 372 (76%) and 296 (60.5%) cases. We have had early complications in 98 (20%) cases: 12 infections (2.4%), 10 hematomas (2%), 11 seromas (2.2%), 65 liponecrosis. As late complications, we have found scar retractions and minus areas in 20 cases (4.08%), while we have found asymmetries and bigger deformities in 34 cases (6.95%). We have not found any cancer relapse after one year of follow up, while we have had 3 cases of relapse (0.6%) after 5 years of follow up, respectively after 5, 4 and 2 years. This result has to be attributed to our preoperatory project of surgery derived from many factors, among which stands out the MRI done in all the cases. We think that an immediate breast reshaping following quadrantectomy is the best esthetic and psychologic option for breast cancer patients.

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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2013


  • Breast cancer
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Oncoplastic surgery

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