One-pill once-a-day HAART: A simplification strategy that improves adherence and quality of life of HIV-infected subjects

Monica Airoldi, Mauro Zaccarelli, Luca Bisi, Teresa Bini, Andrea Antinori, Cristina Mussini, Francesca Bai, Giancarlo Orofino, Laura Sighinolfi, Andrea Gori, Fredy Suter, Franco Maggiolo

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Objective: The aim of the ADONE (ADherence to ONE pill) study was to verify the effect of a reduced number of pills on adherence and quality of life (QoL) in HIV-infected patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Design: Prospective, multicenter, study. Methods: Patients chronically treated with emtricitabine (FTC) + tenofovir (TDF) + efavirenz (EFV) or lamivudine (3TC) + TDF + EFV and with a HIV-RNA <50 copies/mL were switched to the single-pill fixed-dose regimen (FDR) of FTC + TDF + EFV. Data were collected with SF-36 using visual analog scales. Results of the final (6 months) primary as-treated analysis are reported. Results: 212 patients (77.4% males) of mean age 45.8 years were enrolled; 202 completed the study. One month post switch to FDR the adherence rate increased significantly to 96.1% from a baseline value of 93.8% (P <0.01). The increase was steadily maintained throughout the study (96.2% at 6 months). QoL improved over time from 68.8% to 72.7% (P = 0.042) as well, and was significantly associated with the perception of health status, presence of adverse events (AEs) and number of reported AEs (P <0.0001). QoL significantly influenced adherence (P <0.0001). During FDR use the mean CD4 count increased from 556 to 605 cells/μL (P <0.0001). At the end of follow-up 98% of patients maintained HIV-RNA level <50 copies/mL and 100%

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)115-125
Number of pages11
JournalPatient Preference and Adherence
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • Adherence
  • Once-daily antiretroviral regimen
  • Patient preferences
  • QoL
  • Single-pill regimen

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