O'nil Anteversa® mini-plate for stable hip fracture: first experience considerations and outcomes


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Hip fractures are associated with a 20% one-year mortality and a 50% loss of function. Over 700,000 deaths are estimated to occur annually worldwide following hip fractures. Concern exist regarding which is the best implant for extracapsular fractures fixation. For a correct positioning of the cephalic screw, a new plate (O'Nil Anteversa® mini-plate, Intrauma, Torino, Italy) with a fixed 8°of anteversion in the axial plane was developed. A total of 22 patients with an intertrochanteric fracture underwent surgery with Anteversa® mini-plate between October 2016 and April 2017. Data collected included patients' age at surgery, gender, fracture type, operative side, surgeon, type of implant, TAD, CalTAD and TADCalTAD. All patients underwent clinical and radiographic evaluations according to the AO Surgery Reference classification. The mean TAD, CalTAD and TADcalTAD for the entire population of study were, respectively, 20.18±7.5 mm, 20.45±7.25 mm, and 40.62±14.44 mm. The mean TAD, CalTAD and TADcalTAD of those patients who experienced mobilisation of the cephalic screw were, respectively, 20.26±5.87 mm, 19.53±5.47 mm, and 39.8±11.16 mm. Three patients experienced mobilisation of the cephalic screw, and none of these had a TAD greater than 25 mm, a CalTAD greater of 25mm or a TADcalTAD greater than 50 mm. This type of device meets the essential requirements for a correct treatment of intertrochanteric fractures in elderly patients. However, the excessive need of attention in each step, and the consequent increased time of surgery, could be seen as a limitation for its use.

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JournalJournal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 2019


  • Anteversa
  • CalTAD
  • cephalic screw
  • hip fracture
  • intertrochanteric
  • mini-plate
  • mobilisation
  • O’Nil
  • plate
  • TAD

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