Operative instruments

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As a matter of fact, mini-invasive video-assisted surgery is performed only with the assistance of precise technical devices whose knowledge is a key issue for each surgeon. The adoption of adequate equipment is the fundamental starting point for approaching mini-invasive video-assisted breast surgery: the choice of the most suitable instruments for each surgical step represents the most effective promise for a satisficing outcome. In order to guide this process, unfortunately we have to give some technical information that are strictly necessary for leading the future user to a conscious application in every clinical setting in which he will be involved. The description of the operative instruments is divided in different sections; the first section is dedicated to the basic equipment for mini-invasive video-assisted breast surgery, i.e., the instruments that constitute a typical laparoscopic column adopted in mini-invasive general surgery; the second section is dedicated to the operative instruments (grasper, scissor, dissector, retractor, etc.) that are required for completing the surgical procedure; the third section is dedicated to the specific devices required for realizing the surgical procedure, nipple sparing mastectomy, with three different technical approaches: applying the handle retractor, applying the single port device, or applying the robotic assistance.

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