Osteochondral scaffold reconstruction for complex knee lesions: A comparative evaluation

G. Filardo, E. Kon, F. Perdisa, B. Di Matteo, A. Di Martino, F. Iacono, S. Zaffagnini, F. Balboni, V. Vaccari, M. Marcacci

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Background: The primary aim of the present study is to evaluate the results obtained in challenging knee lesions with the implant of an osteochondral scaffold and concomitant treatment of all comorbidities. The secondary aim is to compare the results obtained with those found when a chondral scaffold was applied. Materials and methods: Patients affected by complex lesions of the knee articular surface were included. "Complex cases" were defined according to the following criteria: previous clinical history of intra-articular fracture, lesion located at the tibial plateau, concurrent knee axial realignment procedure, concurrent meniscal scaffold or allograft implantation, and multiple articular surface lesions treated. Thirty-three patients were treated with the implantation of an osteochondral scaffold. The results of a homogeneous group of 23 patients previously treated and prospectively evaluated after implantation of a chondral scaffold were analyzed and compared. Results: IKDC subjective score improved significantly from pre-operative (40.4 ± 14.1) to 12. months' follow-up (69.6 ± 17.0; p <0.0005) with a further improvement at the final evaluation at 24. months (75.5 ± 15.0; p = 0.038). The same positive trend was confirmed by the VAS and Tegner scores. At final follow-up the group treated with the osteochondral scaffold presented a better subjective IKDC score with respect to the group treated with the chondral scaffold (p = 0.034). Conclusions: A regenerative procedure to address the entire osteochondral unit, together with the treatment of all comorbidities, might offer good results also in complex cases otherwise doomed to non-biological resurfacing. Level of evidence III: Comparative study.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)570-576
Number of pages7
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2013


  • Cartilage
  • Combined surgery
  • Complex cases
  • Osteochondral scaffold
  • Regenerative medicine

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