Un'esperienza di consulenza neuropsichiatrica ambulatoriale in un reparto di pediatria. Considerazioni cliniche

Translated title of the contribution: Outpatient neuropsychiatric consultancy in a pediatric hospital. Clinical observations

S. Bargagna, S. Millepiedi, C. Floriani, C. Costagli, F. Massei

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Background. In this study, personal experience as neuropsychiatric consultants in a pediatric hospital is reported. Infancy and adolescence neuropsychiatrics' and pediatricians' common aim is to evaluate a child in his entirety and to protect his physical and mental health. Method. 327 patients (147 males and 180 females) aged ranged 0 to 18 years, address to hospital by their pediatricians from January 1993 to January 1998 have been evaluated. Results. Mental disorders have been diagnosed in 95% of the examined population (mental disorders classified by DSM IV criteria) the way in which mental disorders were distribuited according to age and sex has been analized, and the therapeutic approaches discussed. Neuropsychiatric advice is requested especially for somatic and developmental disorders. Sex distribution is equal, apart from conduct disorders and pervasive developmental disorders, which are more frequent in males. Somatic, anxiety and mood disorders are more evident in children older than 6 years, developmental and neurological disorders are more evident in younger children. Conclusions. Outpatient advice is a valid help to screen neuropsychiatric disorders and it offers the possibility to carry out short and effective evaluations and controls with a significant reduction of costs for medical assistance.

Translated title of the contributionOutpatient neuropsychiatric consultancy in a pediatric hospital. Clinical observations
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)205-212
Number of pages8
JournalMinerva Pediatrica
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1999

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