Ovarian cancer patients with localized relapse: Clinical outcome and prognostic factors

M. Petrillo, A. Fagotti, G. Ferrandina, F. Fanfani, B. Costantini, G. Vizzielli, L. Pedone Anchora, C. Nero, P. A. Margariti, G. Scambia

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Objective. We evaluated the clinical outcome and prognostic factors for post-relapse survival (PRS) in a large retrospective series of ovarian cancer patients with localized relapse. Patients and methods. The following radiological inclusion criteria were adopted: relapse in single anatomic site and ≤3 nodules. All cases were followed for at least 24 months after recurrent disease. Results. Two hundred twenty ovarian cancer patients met the inclusion criteria. Serous histotype and G3 tumors were observed in 173 (78.6%) and 151 (77.4%) cases, respectively. All women received platinum-based first-line chemotherapy. Overall, the median follow-up was 46 (8-249) months, and platinum-resistant relapse was documented in 51 women (23.2%). Eighty-one patients (36.8%) recurred in the peritoneum (LPeR), 76 patients (34.5%) in the abdominal lymph nodes (LLNR), and 63 patients (28.7%) in parenchymal organs (LPaR); 142 patients (64.5%) recurredwith a single nodule; and 78 patients (35.5%) recurred with 2-3 nodules. Secondary cytoreductive surgery (SCS) was attempted in 73 cases (33.2%), and complete debulking was achieved in all patients. On multivariate analysis, platinum-free interval (PFI, χ2 = 13.457, p value = 0.001), complete SCS (median PRS, 69 months vs 25 months, p = 0.001), anatomic site of relapse (median PRS, 41 months in LPeRs, 63 months in LLNRs and 24 months in LPaRs, p = 0.001), and number of nodules (median PRS, 58 months in patients with one nodule, 24 months in patients with 2-3 nodules, p = 0.001) were identified as predictors of PRS. Conclusions. Beside the duration of PFI, the complete SCS, the anatomic site of relapse, and the number of nodules were independent prognostic factor for duration of PRS.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)36-41
Number of pages6
JournalGynecologic Oncology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2013


  • Anatomic site of disease
  • Favourable prognosis
  • Localized relapse
  • Recurrent ovarian cancer
  • Secondary debulking surgery

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