Paclitaxel (taxol) in pretreated, relapsed and/or metastatic adult soft tissue sarcomas (STS)

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Twelve patients suffering from recurrent or metastatic, previously treated, STS were given paclitaxel as a 3-hour infusion, with prophylactic medication, in 3-week cycles, at two different dosages: 135 mg/m2 or 175 mg/m2 in patients pretreated with ≤2 or ≤3 chemotherapy regimens, respectively. A total of 39 courses was given (median 3, range 2-5). Overall, treatment was relatively well tolerated, major toxicity consisting of grade 2-3 neutropenia (33%). The adopted schedule was feasible in day-hospital setting, with satisfactory patient compliance. Only a partial response was obtained (8%), lasting 4 months; six patients had stable disease and five progressed while on treatment. Our results suggest a lack of activity of paclitaxel in this tumor type. However, the very advanced stage of disease and the strong pretreatment in the evaluated series probably partially account for some of the resistance and such a poor response rate. Further studies might be appropriate with paclitaxel, alone or in combination with other agents, on selected patients in less advanced stage of disease.

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JournalOncology Reports
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Publication statusPublished - 1997


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  • Soft tissue sarcomas

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