Partial Directed Coherence estimated on Stereo-EEG signals in patients with Taylor's type focal cortical dysplasia.

Giulia Varotto, Silvana Franceschetti, Roberto Spreafico, Laura Tassi, Ferruccio Panzica

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The study was aimed at evaluating the changes in dynamical connectivity, between interictal, preictal and ictal condition, among signals derived from StereoEEG recordings in patients with Taylor's type focal cortical dysplasia (FCD type-II), by means of Partial Directed Coherence and indexes derived from graph theory. Results showed that seizures are characterized by an increased synchronization, mainly within the regions involved in the generation of the epileptogenic activity. Our findings reveal that the proposed procedure can be considered a suitable techinque to properly identify the pathological synchronization mechanisms underlying seizure generation and to support the identification of the epileptogenic zone.


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