Analgesia regionale controllata dal paziente (PCRA) nella chirurgia del gomito anchilotico: elastomero vs pompa elettronica.

Translated title of the contribution: Patient controlled regional analgesia (PCRA) in surgery of stiff elbow: elastomeric vs electronic pump

H. van Oven, V. Agnoletti, B. Borghi, N. Montone, F. Stagni

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BACKGROUND: Aim of this study is to confront an elastomeric pump at regular infusion controlled by the patient with an electronic pump with self-administration for analgesia, by continuous infraclavicular brachial plexus block, as support for the intensive postoperative physiotherapy. METHODS: With signed informed consent 10 patients undergoing corrective surgery for stiff elbow were included. All patients received ropivacaine 30 ml 0,50% for anaesthesia by infraclavicular block with bicipite twitch, after which a catheter was left in situ. In group 1 analgesia consisted of ropivacaina 0,4% by electronic pump (continuous infusion with self-administration of bolus) at day1 and day2, and by elastomeric pump at 5 ml/h, connected to a three way tap managed by the patient (open-closed) at day3 and day4. Group 2 received at day1 and day2 the elastomeric pump and then the electronic pump. All patients continued at home with the elastomeric pump. Flexion-extension capacity of the elbow, daily consumption of ropivacaine 0,4%, and patients comfort were all evaluated. RESULTS: With the electronic pump, flexion-extension capacity is significantly better compared to elastomeric pump. During the use of the electronic pump, consumption of ropivacaina 0.4% was significantly higher in day2 compared to day1 (physiotherapy started day2); consumption in day3 and Day4 was significantly less compared to day2. All patients preferred the electronic pump for the first two days and then the elastomeric pump. CONCLUSION: PCRA quality is higher with ropivacaine 0,4% during the first phase of recovery. The elastomeric pump instead, insufficient in the first phase, is useful for analgesia at home.

Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)117-120
Number of pages4
JournalMinerva Anestesiologica
Issue number9 Suppl 1
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2001


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