Patterns of HBV DNA in sera of patients with acute and chronic HBV infections

G. Marinucci, C. Di Giacomo, N. Orchi, G. Leonetti, V. Vullo, M. F. Magliocca, V. Bellino, S. Carletti, L. V. Chircu

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By dot blot hybridization HBV DNA was studied in the sera of 15 consecutive patients with acute and 85 with chronic HBV infection. Of the 15 acute cases (5 with HDV co-infection), 10 were HBV DNA+ at onset (8/8 HBe+, 2/6 anti-HBe+, 5 HDV positive); out of the 10 who recovered, 7 were HBV DNA negative at recovery (1 HDV+), one HDV+ dropped from the survey, 2 HDV+ were still HBV DNA+ as were the 5 patients who became chronic (1 HDV+). Out of the 85 chronic cases (17 seropositive for HDV), 17 were HBe+ (8 HBV DNA+, 3 HBV DNA negative, 6 showed a fluctuating pattern of HBV DNA); out of the 68 anti-HBe+ patients, 17 were HBV DNA negative, 13 HBV DNA+ and 38 showed a fluctuating behaviour of HBV DNA. Increased concentrations of ALT were found among 42.9% of those HBV DNA+, 40% of those negative for the marker and 59.1% of those with a fluctuating pattern of HBV DNA, whereas a prevalence of abnormal ALT was found in those HBe positive rather than in those anti-HBe+ (64.7% versus 47%). Superinfections were observed in 13 patients (HDV in 6, HAV and NANB in 1, respectively); HBV DNA and the peak of ALT coincided in some, whereas in the other the ALT peak was related to absence of HBV DNA. In 51.8% of our chronic cases, the main behaviour pattern of HBV DNA showed fluctuatons, whereas 24.7% were constantly HBV DNA+ and 23.5% HBV DNA negative.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-61
Number of pages5
JournalItalian Journal of Gastroenterology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1988

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