Performance and role of the breast lesion excision system (BLES) in small clusters of suspicious microcalcifications

Scaperrotta Gianfranco, Ferranti Claudio, Capalbo Emanuela, Paolini Biagio, Marchesini Monica, Suman Laura, Folini Cristina, Mariani Luigi, Panizza Pietro

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Purpose To assess the diagnostic performance of the BLES as a biopsy tool in patients with ≤1 cm clusters of BIRADS 4 microcalcifications, in order to possibly avoid surgical excision in selected patients. Materials This is a retrospective study of 105 patients undergone to stereotactic breast biopsy with the BLES. It excises a single specimen containing the whole mammographic target, allowing better histological assessment due to preserved architecture. Results Our case series consists of 41 carcinomas (39%) and 64 benign lesions (61%). Cancer involved the specimen margins in 20/41 cases (48.8%) or was close to them (≤1 mm) in 14 cases (34.1%); margins were disease-free in only 7 DCIS (17.1%). At subsequent excision of 39/41 malignant cases, underestimation occurred for 5/32 DCIS (15.6%), residual disease was found in 15/39 cancers (38.5%) and no cancer in 19/39 cases (48.7%). For DCIS cases, no residual disease occurred for 66.7% G1-G2 cases and for 35.3% G3 cases (P = 0.1556) as well as in 83.3%, 40.0% and 43.8% cases respectively for negative, close and positive BLES margins (P = 0.2576). Conclusions The BLES is a good option for removal of small clusters of breast microcalcifications, giving better histological interpretation, lower underestimation rates and possibly reducing the need of subsequent surgical excision in selected patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)143-149
Number of pages7
JournalEuropean Journal of Radiology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2016


  • Breast neoplasms
  • Carcinoma
  • Image-guided biopsy
  • Intraductal
  • Resection margins

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