Le inserzioni pubblicitarie sulle riviste italiane del medico pediatra

Translated title of the contribution: Pharmaceutical advertisements in Italian paediatric general practitioner journals

Filomena Fortinguerra, Antonio Clavenna, Marta Baviera, Adriano Cattaneo, Sergio Conti Nibali, Lorena Labate, Silvia Maschi, Mauro Miselli, Veronica Scurti, Daniela Zanfi, Giulia Zermiani, Maurizio Bonati

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▶ Objectives. To evaluate whether the claims cited in pharmaceutical advertisements published during 2005 on five well-known Italian paediatric journals were evidence-based. ▶ Methods. Drug advertisements published during 2005 on Area Pediatrica, Il Medico Pediatra, Medico e Bambino, Quaderni ACP, and The Italian Journal of Pediatrics were evaluated by frequency, type of product advertised and company. A blinded qualitative analysis was performed by a group of 7 independent reviewers to evaluate the message (image and text) and the number and type of bibliographic references. For each advertisement, a final evaluation was made taking into account the degree of concordance, made using the Kappa statistic (K), between reviewers. ▶ Results. During 2005, 70 drug advertisements, regarding 109 products from 38 companies, were published. In all, 31% of the total number of journal pages, with a range of 12% (Quaderni ACP)-37% (Il Medico Pediatra), was occupied by drug advertisements. A total of 19 drugs, corresponding to 28 brand names and occupying a total of 281 pages (46% of those for advertising), 3 vaccines, 12 milk formulas and 59 parapharmaceutical products, were published. Levocetirizine was the most published drug (39 pages, 14% of those involving drugs). Only 3 journals published milk formula advertisements: The Italian Journal of Pediatrics had a significantly greater percentage of advertisement pages than Medico e Bambino (p

Translated title of the contributionPharmaceutical advertisements in Italian paediatric general practitioner journals
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)236-251
Number of pages16
JournalRicerca e Pratica
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2007

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