Le inserzioni pubblicitarie pubblicate sulle riviste del medico di famiglia

Translated title of the contribution: Pharmaceutical advertisements published on medical journals

Maurizio Bonati, Antonio Clavenna, Silvia Maschi, Giancarlo Biasini, Rita Campi, Lorena Labate, Paolo Longoni, Mauro Miselli, Mario Narducci, Alessandro Nobili, Daniela Zanfi

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Objectives. To evaluate whether the claims cited in pharmaceutical advertisements published during 2004 on the widely diffused Medico e Bambino and Aggiornamento Medico Italian medical journals were evidence-based. Methods. An evaluation of drug advertisements published during 2004 on the journals by frequency, type of product and company was performed. A blinded qualitative analysis was performed by a group of 5 independent reviewers to evaluate the message reported (image and text) and the number and type of bibliographic references. An analysis of concordance was made using the kappa statistic (K). The reliability of the information reported was evaluated by searching the scientific literature and comparing the advertisements with the available evidence. Results. During 2004, 71 drug advertisements, regarding 101 products from 41 companies, were published. In all, 39 drugs, 7 vaccines, 17 milk formulas, and 38 parapharmaceutical products were published. Flurbiprofen was the first drug in order of number of pages on Medico e Bambino and vardenafil was first on Aggiornamento Medico. In all, 10 advertisements reported a total of 43 bibliographic references, 26 of which were published on international journals. 62 advertisements (84% of the total) were identified as "not evidence based" by at least one reviewer and for 10 of these there was full agreement: 6 regarding drugs, 3 milk formulas and 1 a baby bottle. The reviewers' estimated specificity concerning the drug advertisements was 100% and the sensitivity 60%. Conclusions. Greater monitoring of information reported in advertisements directed at doctors, as well as indipendent information, are needed to improve rational drug use.

Translated title of the contributionPharmaceutical advertisements published on medical journals
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)65-78
Number of pages14
JournalRicerca e Pratica
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2006

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