Pleural tissue repair with cord blood platelet gel

Lorenzo Rosso, Valentina Parazzi, Francesco Damarco, Ilaria Righi, Luigi Santambrogio, Paolo Rebulla, Stefano Gatti, Stefano Ferrero, Mario Nosotti, Lorenza Lazzari

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Background. Prolonged air leak is the major cause of morbidity after pulmonary resection. In this study we used in vitro and in vivo experiments to investigate an innovative approach based on the use of human umbilical cord blood platelet gel. Materials and methods. In vitro, a scratch assay was performed to test the tissue repair capability mediated by cord blood platelet gel compared to the standard culture conditions using human primary mesothelial cells. In vivo, an iatrogenic injury was made to the left lung of 54 Wistar rats. Cord blood platelet gel was placed on the injured area only in treated animals and at different times histological changes and the presence of pleural adhesions were evaluated. In addition, changes in the pattern of soluble inflammatory factors were investigated using a multiplex proteome array. Results. In vitro, mesothelial cell damage was repaired in a shorter time by cord blood platelet gel than in the control condition (24 versus 35 hours, respectively). In vivo, formation of new mesothelial tissue and complete tissue recovery were observed at 45±1 and 75±1 hours in treated animals and at 130±2.5 and 160±6 hours in controls, respectively. Pleural adhesions were evident in 43% of treated animals compared to 17% of controls. No complications were observed. Interestingly, some crucial soluble factors involved in inflammation were significantly reduced in treated animals. Discussion. Cord blood platelet gel accelerates the repair of pleural damage and stimulates the development of pleural adhesions. Both properties could be particularly useful in the management of prolonged air leak, and to reduce inflammation.

Original languageEnglish
JournalBlood Transfusion
Issue numberSUPPL.1
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Growth factors
  • Human cord blood
  • Mesothelial cells
  • Platelet gel
  • Pleural tissue

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  • Immunology and Allergy

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