Polyelectrolyte coupling to charged lipid monolayers and to cationic liposomes

F. Bordi, C. Cametti, D. Gaudiuo, T. Gili, S. Sennato, A. Di Biasio

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We have investigated molecular interactions between a charged monolayer of different lipid compositions with a polyelectrolyte at the air-water interface by means of Langmuir isotherm measurements and between charged liposomes in an aqueous suspension by means of light scattering measurements, respectively. The condensing effect of the ionic character of the subphase the stability of the mixed monolayers at the appropriate lipid composition and the aggregation processes in the liposome suspension induced by an oppositely charged polyelectrolyte are briefly discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)47-50
Number of pages4
JournalProgress in Colloid and Polymer Science
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • Lipid monolayers
  • Liposome
  • Liposome aggregates

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Chemistry (miscellaneous)
  • Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • Polymers and Plastics


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