Precipitating antibodies in von Willebrand's disease

P. M. Mannucci, D. Meyer, Z. M. Ruggeri, J. Koutts, N. Ciavarella, J. M. Lavergne

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Precipitating antibodies have been found in 3 polytransfused patients with severe homozygous VWD. Such antibodies seem to be mainly directed towards Willebrand factor and factor VIII related antigen (VIII:AG) rather than towards factor VIII clotting activity (VIII:C). Since VIII:C may reside on a separate molecule linked by non convalent bonds to VIIIR:AG, it remains to be demonstrated whether the partial neutralization of VIII:C is specific or secondary to steric hindrance.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)141-142
Number of pages2
Issue number5564
Publication statusPublished - 1976

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