Predominant expression of group-II metabotropic glutamate receptors in the goldfish brain

A. Poli, R. Lucchi, M. Storto, P. De Paolis, S. Notari, F. Nicoletti, G. Casabona

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Group-II metabotropic glutamate (mGlu) receptors (mGlu2/3 receptors) were highly expressed in various regions (telencephalon, optic tectum, and cerebellum, but not vagal lobe) of the goldfish brain. In the goldfish telencephalon, expression of mGlu2/3 receptors was even higher than in the rat cerebral cortex. In contrast, mGlu5 receptors showed low levels of expression in all goldfish brain regions, whereas mGlu1a receptors were only expressed in the goldfish cerebellum. Pharmacological activation of group-II mGlu receptors with the selective agonists, 2R,4R-4-aminopyrrolidine-2,4- dicarboxylic acid and (2S,2'R,3'R)-2-(2,3-dicarboxycyclopropyl) glycine, reduced the evoked release of glutamate from goldfish brain synaptosomes, whereas agonists of group-I and -III mGlu receptors (3,5- dihydroxyphenylglycine and L-2-amino-4-phosphonobutanoate) were inactive. The predominance of group-II over group-I mGlu receptors in the goldfish brain may provide a natural defense against excitotoxic neuronal death and contribute to the unusually high resistance of goldfishes against hypoxic brain damage.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)142-145
Number of pages4
JournalBrain Research
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 10 1999


  • Glutamate release
  • MGlu receptors

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