Pregnancy in women with Cystic Fibrosis

M. Gandino, L. DiFebbraro, S. Cozzani, B. Tubino, L. Romano, L. Minicucci, C. Romano

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Cystic Fibrosis (CF) does not preclude conception and opportunity for pregnancy in CF is still matter for debate. 11 pregnancies in 8 CF women attending the Genova CF Centre have been retrospectively investigated. The study assessed changes in lung function, body weight, nutritional status, sputum microbiology and glucose tolerance during the course of pregnancy. Duration of pregnancy, mode of delivery and maternal survival were the other variables studied. In our series, 8/11 pregnancies were completed and produced healthy infants (7 males, 1 female). 678 pregnancy resulted in normal vaginal delivery and 2/8 in elective cesarean section at 38 weeks of gestation. 1/11 pregnancy spontaneously interrupted at 8 weeks of gestation and another (1/11), in the same patient, is still in course. In one other patient (diagnosed in childhood, diagnosis rejected and soon lost to follow-up) pregnancy was complicated by severe respiratory insufficiency (intensive antibiotic treatment unsuccessful) and interrupted at 26 weeks: neither the mother nor the child survived. 2/8 patients were diagnosed later and after delivering one and two children respectively. 1/8 patient, in healthy conditions, and in non-strict follow-up had 2 pregnancies. Only 3 out of the 8 completed pregnancies were followed from the beginning. At conception, all 3 patients were pancreatic insufficient; pre-pregnancy nutritional status was adequate in all the patients (BMI 20.8, 22.9 and 25.5 respectively); pancreatic insufficiency was unremarkable with respect to pregnancy course; body weight increased from 7 to 9 Kg during pregnancy. Two patients had normal lung function tests, one patient showed moderate lung disease before conception (FVC 60%, FEV1 40% of predicted). Lung function tests returned to pre-conceptional values within 6 months after delivery. Sputum microbiology remained unchanged; 2/3 patients received inhaled antibiotics only; another patient needed i.v. antibiotic therapy. All patients are living after an average period of 8,4 years (range 0,2-21 years). Our data show that pregnancy can be well tolerated by CF patients, nevertheless a strict and ongoing clinical control is mandatory.

Original languageEnglish
Issue number4 SUPPL.
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1996

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    Gandino, M., DiFebbraro, L., Cozzani, S., Tubino, B., Romano, L., Minicucci, L., & Romano, C. (1996). Pregnancy in women with Cystic Fibrosis. Chest, 110(4 SUPPL.).