Stadiazione pre-operatoria del carcinoma gastrico mediante endosonografia (EUS).

Translated title of the contribution: Preoperative staging of gastric carcinoma using endosonography (EUS)

A. Cerizzi, C. Crosta, F. Botti, A. Carrara, R. Alloni, A. M. Taschieri

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Accurate staging of gastric malignancy can only be obtained at surgery and after detailed histological examination of the resection specimen. Endoscopic ultrasonography may provide accurate detection and staging of gastric cancer because of its ability to visualize both the intramural and extramural extent of the lesion and any adjacent lymph node involvement. From february 90 to april 91, 29 patients with a gastric carcinoma were studied endosonographically before surgery. All studies were performed with an Olympus EU-M3. Preoperative TNM classification and a prediction of the resectability of gastric cancer were done in every patient. The results were matched with those obtained with the histology of resected specimens according to the TNM classification 1987. Endoscopic ultrasonography was accurate in assessing the extent and depth of tumor infiltration. The overall accuracy rate was 90.5% (19 out of 21 patients). Overstaging occurred in 9.5% of the cases (2 patients); none understaging occurred. EUS was less accurate in assessment of lymph node metastasis; the overall accuracy rate was 57.1%. Distinction between reactive lymph node and small micrometastatic lymph node involvement could be hard. Local resectability was correctly diagnosed with EUS in each of 23 patients; in two patients an intramural mass with a deep infiltration into the surrounding tissue was correctly diagnosed. In our opinion EUS is an essential diagnostic procedure in the clinical staging of the gastric cancer.

Translated title of the contributionPreoperative staging of gastric carcinoma using endosonography (EUS)
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)465-469
Number of pages5
JournalAnnali Italiani di Chirurgia
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1992

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