Preoperative staging of primary breast cancer. A multicentric study

S. Ciatto, P. Pacini, V. Azzini, A. Neri, A. Jannini, P. Gosso, A. Molino, M. C. Capelli, F. Di Costanzo, M. A. Pucciatti, C. Andreoli, G. Santoro, G. Farante, M. Ciurli, A. Costa, G. Brignone, A. Ravaioli, M. Scarpellini, P. Rosetti

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This article reports on a consecutive series of 3627 breast cancer (BC) patients undergoing preoperative staging by chest x-ray (CXR), bone x-ray (BXR) or bone scintigraphy (BS), and liver ecography (LE) or liver scintigraphy (LS). The detection rate (DR) of preclinical asymptomatic distant metastases depended on the T and N category (TNM classification system), and was very low (CXR: 0.30%, BXR: 0.64%, BS: 0.90%, LE: 0.24%, LS: 0.23%). The sensitivity, determined after a 6-month follow-up, was below 0.50% for all tests. The highest value (0.48%) was recorded for BS, which also had the lowest specificity (0.95%). The entire preoperative staging policy using the studied tests seems questionable due to poor sensitivity and an extremely low DR of distant metastases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1038-1040
Number of pages3
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1988


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Ciatto, S., Pacini, P., Azzini, V., Neri, A., Jannini, A., Gosso, P., Molino, A., Capelli, M. C., Di Costanzo, F., Pucciatti, M. A., Andreoli, C., Santoro, G., Farante, G., Ciurli, M., Costa, A., Brignone, G., Ravaioli, A., Scarpellini, M., & Rosetti, P. (1988). Preoperative staging of primary breast cancer. A multicentric study. Cancer, 61(5), 1038-1040.