Preserved feedforward but impaired top-down processes in the vegetative state

Melanie Boly, Marta Isabel Garrido, Olivia Gosseries, Marie Aurélie Bruno, Pierre Boveroux, Caroline Schnakers, Marcello Massimini, Vladimir Litvak, Steven Laureys, Karl Friston

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Frontoparietal cortex is involved in the explicit processing (awareness) of stimuli. Frontoparietal activation has also been found in studies of subliminal stimulus processing. We hypothesized that an impairment of top-down processes, involved in recurrent neuronal message-passing and the generation of long-latency electrophysiological responses, might provide a more reliable correlate of consciousness in severely brain-damaged patients, than frontoparietal responses. We measured effective connectivity during a mismatch negativity paradigm and found that the only significant difference between patients in a vegetative state and controls was an impairment of backward connectivity from frontal to temporal cortices. This result emphasizes the importance of top-down projections in recurrent processing that involve high-order associative cortices for conscious perception.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)858-862
Number of pages5
Issue number6031
Publication statusPublished - May 13 2011

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