Primary pure gastric yolk sac tumor

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We describe here a case of pure gastric yolk sac tumor (YST). A 62-year-old patient underwent gastrectomy with D2 dissection. The his-tological report confirmed the diagnosis of YST and that two of the 14 regional lymph nodes removed were metastatic. Three courses of PEB regimen chemotherapy were delivered subsequently. Three months later the patient experienced dysphagia from stenosis of the anastomosis and a computerized tomography scan showed tumor recurrence with peritoneal nodules; the patient died one year after surgery. The origin of gastric YST is unclear but involvement of migrating germ cells during embryonic development or multipotential neo-plastic protoepithelial cells of the gastric mucosa have been suggested. Generally the prognosis of gastric YST is poor and the standard therapeutic approach beyond surgery is still uncertain.

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