Professional figures in intermediate intensive units

A. Quadri, P. Simoni, E. Clini, D. Errera, K. Foglio, M. Vitacca, M. Schena

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In Italy, respiratory intermediate intensive care units (IICUs) are not yet considered as autonomous hospital departments. The IICU of the Rehabilitation Department of the Medical Centre of Gussago (12 monitored beds) provides care for respiratory and cardiac patients. Ventilatory assistance and noninvasive modalities both in treatment and monitoring suggest a multidisciplinary approach to the patient. Highly professional figures should, therefore, be singled out to provide care in a respiratory IICU. The medical stall is composed of one anaesthesiologist, one cardiologist and one pulmonologist, who can integrate care when respiratory complications occur in a cardiological patient, or when cardiac events affect a respiratory patient. Nurses are capable of specific activities, especially when ventilatory assistance is required. The presence of a physiotherapist reduces the nursing workload, especially for ventilated individuals. The psychological aspect is undertaken by a specialist. Finally, an expert in nutrition provides an individualized dietary regimen. Our 4 year experience encourages such a multidisciplinary approach. An ideal integration of the professional activities should provide adequate and individual care for patients admitted to an IICU.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)544-546
Number of pages3
JournalMonaldi Archives for Chest Disease - Cardiac Series
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1994


  • Intermediate intensive care unit
  • Professional figures

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