Profile and development prospects of assistive technology centres in Italy

Renzo Andrich

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The term Centri Ausili (Assistive Technology Centres, in short ATC) refers to non-profit organisations - independent on AT manufacturers or suppliers - providing information and guidance to individual clients in relation to the choice of assistive technologies. Over 50 ATCs are currently in operation throughout Italy. A study was carried out in 2005-2006 on 23 centres participating in GLIC (the major Italian association of ATCs) in order to provide an insight of services provided, methodologies used and resources involved, and develop common service standards. The services provided were clustered round six headings: 1) information / guidance services (including information dissemination, telephone helpline, first guidance meeting, guided visit to the AT exhibition) 2) individual assessment services (on-center or on-site) 3) support services (counselling to the professional team, usage training, supervision to installation or fitting, temporary AT lending) 4) consultation services (to Institutions or Companies) 5) educational services and 5) research activities. Based on observation of current practice, such services were distinguished according to seven competence areas, each requiring specific expertise and technical facilities: seating & mobility, daily living aids, environmental adaptation, environmental control systems, computer access, augmentative communication, educational software. Specifications were defined for each service and competence area, in terms of scope, methodology, expertise required, intake procedure and deliverables to be issued.

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