Proliferative marker Ki-67 in gallbladder carcinomas: High expression level predicts early recurrence after surgical resection

Ai Min Hui, Ya Zhou Shi, Xin Li, Lin Sun, Torzilli Guido, Tadatoshi Takayama, Masatoshi Makuuchi

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To evaluate the prognostic value of proliferative maker Ki-67, its expression was determined immunohistochemically in 37 gallbladder carcinomas (GBCs). A high Ki-67 index was significantly correlated with tumor lymphatic invasion (P=0.007) and vascular invasion (P=0.04). High Ki-67 index group and low Ki-67 index group showed different clinical courses. Five patients who experienced recurrences in high Ki-67 index group developed their recurrent diseases within one year after surgery and died soon after recurrence, while the recurrences (five cases) in low Ki-67 index group were distributed all stages after surgery. In conclusion, high Ki-67 index predicts early recurrence after surgery for GBCs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)191-198
Number of pages8
JournalCancer Letters
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 25 2002



  • Gallbladder cancer
  • Prognosis
  • Proliferation

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