Proposta di analisi cefalometrica 3D per un'analisi facciale globale in ortodonzia e implantologia

Translated title of the contribution: Proposal of a 3D cephalometric analysis for a total face analysis in orthodontics and implantology

G. Perrotti, L. De Vecchi, T. Testori, R. L. Weinstein

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Objectives: The Total Face Approach is a diagnostic evaluation that gives a comprehensive vision of the patient's parameters candidate to complex treatments in implant dentistry, orthodontics or maxillo-facial surgery. Such assessment needs a cephalometric 3D evaluation whose interpretation allows to formulate a correct diagnosis and an adequate treatment plan. The aim of this paper is to introduce the scientific community with a 3D cephalometric model for diagnostic purposes in orthodontics, maxillo-facial and implant surgery and to illustrate the potential of the latest 3D technologies. Materials and methods: To develop this cephalometric analysis, the intermaxillary skeletal relationships of 30 patients to whom a CBCT examination was prescribed for diagnostic purposes are presented. An approval of the Ethical Committee was not requested since the clinicians did not do anything different from a normal routine case in which a CBCT examination is requested instead of multiple 2D radiologic examinations. The analyses have been studied using a dedicated software (Materialise Simplant OMS, Leuven, Belgium). Results: The radiation dose and the exposure time influence the quality of the examination. Comparing CBCT to conventional CT scans, CBCT could become the examination of choice to lower the radiation dose. It is easily accessible and has an advantageous cost-benefit ratio. Conclusions: It can thus be concluded that our proposal of 3D cephalometric analysis can be defined a useful diagnostic tool. In all clinical cases of orthodontic surgery, maxillo-facial and implant surgery which request a more detailed evaluation of skeletal parameters regarding the entire maxillo-facial area.

Translated title of the contributionProposal of a 3D cephalometric analysis for a total face analysis in orthodontics and implantology
Original languageItalian
JournalItalian Oral Surgery
Issue number5 SUPPL.1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2012

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