Quality assurance of platelet concentrates used in routine practice

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Quality assurance of platelet concentrates should include regular determinations on sampled units of platelet concentrate volume, platelet count, pH value and an indicator of maintenance of platelet discoid shape. In regard to the latter, recent investigations suggest that the visual assessment of platelet swirling may provide meaningful and reproducible information with limited staff training and efforts. Other laboratory assays provide useful data that may prove beneficial particulary when new procedures and products are examined. In addition to laboratory tests, it is of utmost importance to regularly monitor the effectiveness of platelet support therapy at clinical level. This can be done using a number of indicators including the proportion of patients who show febrile, allergic and septic reactions, who become and remain refractory to random-donor platelet support, who develop and/or die of hemorrhage not prevented or corrected by platelet support.

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JournalInternational Journal of Artificial Organs
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  • Platelet transfusion
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