Radial artery compliance in young, obese, normotensive subjects

A. A. Mangoni, C. Giannattasio, A. Brunani, M. Failla, M. Colombo, G. Bolla, F. Cavagnini, G. Grassi, G. Mancia

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Obesity is characterized by a number of cardiovascular alterations, and whether these alterations involve arterial compliance is unknown. In 12 young, obese, normotensive subjects (age, 23.9±1.3 years; mean±SEM) and 12 age- and sex-matched lean control subjects we measured blood pressure, radial artery diameter, and radial artery compliance continuously over the systodiastolic pressure range with a Finapres device and recently developed echo-tracking device. Measurements were obtained at baseline and after prolonged ischemia, that is, when diameter and compliance are increased. Blood pressure values were normal in both groups (obese subjects: 109.2±4.9/68.2±2.7 mm Hg; lean control subjects: 108.2±4.1/60.7±3.8 mm Hg), but in addition to a marked increase in body mass index (38.5±0.8 versus 23.1±0.9 kg/m2, P2, P

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)984-988
Number of pages5
Issue number6 I
Publication statusPublished - 1995


  • cardiovascular system
  • compliance
  • obesity
  • radial artery

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