Radioterapia oncologica basata sull'imaging biomolecolare ed in funzione dei nuovi dati radiobiologici

Translated title of the contribution: Radiation oncology based on biomolecular imaging and new radiobiology

Filippo Alongi, Nadia di Muzio

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Radiotherapy is one of the most important means of treating solid cancers. The implementation of new high technology tools is improving the effectiveness and safety of therapeutic radiation in daily practice. Research in molecular imaging is achieving new possibilities in the definition of neoplasms and in the description of tumor tissue subvolumes with various characteristics such as the capability to respond to radiation or to new drugs. In this way an innovative approach to treating cancer patients could personalize therapy on individual tumor profiles in individual patients thanks to biological images and new information regarding proteo-genomics and radiobiology.

Translated title of the contributionRadiation oncology based on biomolecular imaging and new radiobiology
Original languageItalian
JournalCapsula Eburnea
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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