Radiation therapy for inflammatory breast cancer

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a rare and very aggressive breast cancer, still associated with poor prognosis. Therefore, management of IBC requires carefully integrated care, and ideally, patients should be evaluated in a multidisciplinary team from the beginning, to identify the best treatment strategy. IBC is usually unresectable at presentation, and neo-adjuvant systemic therapy is considered the standard of care. Response to the primary treatment, especially pathological complete response (pCR), is important to move forward to definitive local therapy with the goal to improve survival. In any case, regardless the response to neo-adjuvant therapy, surgery and radiotherapy should administered to ensure a better loco-regional tumor control. Mastectomy with axillary lymph node dissection followed by chest wall and regional nodal radiotherapy is the most frequent approach, and whether breast-conserving surgery could be preferable in some selected groups of patients with clinical complete response is still a debated question. Radiotherapy alone has recommended only in cases of persistent unresectability. To date, the approach remains as established in the current recommendations, with the best option for trimodality treatment, and further studies clearly warranted.

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