Rehabilitation and nursing, caregivers and psychological support in chronic disorders of consciousness

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The major disorders of consciousness include Coma, Vegetative State, and Minimally Conscious State. The care and the management of patients with Disorders of Consciousness has raised several important ethical, social and medical issues. It is evident that a uniform ethical framework needs to guide clinicians and caregivers in terms of clinical outcome, prognosis, and medical management. Over the last 10 years, specific recommendations for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients with disorders of consciousness have been promulgated by neurology and neurorehabilitation organizations to provide some guidelines for care. In the present chapter, we describe the good clinical practice used in nursing and rehabilitation to provide the optimal recovery of these patients, through a multidisciplinary approach. Subsequently, we focus on the importance of the psychological support, in order to improve the quality of life of the patients' caregivers. The family is a critical and fundamental aspect in the management of these patients and it should be considered as integral part of care in the future guidelines.

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