Remote support for stroke rehabilitation: MyHeart's "neurological rehabilitation" concept.

Toni Giorgino, Paolo Tormene, Barbara Cattani, Caterina Pistarini, Silvana Quaglini

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Stroke is a serious neurological accident which accounts for a wide fraction of the healthcare costs in industrialized societies. Recovery from stroke and other neurological accidents usually include motor rehabilitation, maintained for several months, and logopedic training for the recovery of cognitive and speech abilities. The MyHeart consortium is addressing several aspects of cardiovascular diseases' management by combining clothes with embedded biomedical sensors and information technologies. One of the application areas is especially devoted to supporting Neurological Rehabilitation (NR). This article describes how MyHeart's Concept NR is structured and how technologies are leveraged to support both motor rehabilitation and speech/cognitive training. Information technology and garment-embedded sensors, combined, permit assisted training both at the clinic and at home, after discharge from the intensive care unit.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2007

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