Remote telematic control in cystic fibrosis.

F. Murgia, M. Cilli, E. Renzetti, F. Majo, D. Soldi, V. Lucidi, F. Bella, S. Bella

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In this study we describe and discuss the way we daily act in remote telematic tracking of CF outpatients, a procedure which has been improved through our daily experience in telehomecare. Currently, there are almost 30 patients involved in our telehomecare project. We describe and discuss intervention parameters and the way we manage a register of performances in spreadsheet format. We also describe the training program for the patients and their and the procedures through which we maintain contacts with patients and Vivisol assistance and the periodical satisfaction surveys. (from 15 of february 2010 to 24 of may 2011). Total transmissions 882, Spirometry 1317, SaO2 291, Compliance (transmissions/patient days) 8,91%, Hospital controls 19, Total contacts 722, Phone calls 494. We analyze the 2010 - 2011 data. We discuss the compliance of patients toward Telehomecare, the efficacy of cell phone in establishing contact with patients and the relevancy of symptoms' rescue in diagnosing the pulmonary relapse episodes. We discuss medico-legal aspects of telemedicine activity, in the light of standards and legislation, including issues related to the processing of privacy and security data. We discuss the professional team needs and requirements, dedicated to the activities of telemedicine and procedures related to clinical risk management. We conclude by underlying how telemedicine represents a promising new tool for patients and health professionals, and that under certain conditions it can improve the assistance, working conditions and also to reduce costs. However, its usage has to be followed by precise studies about its efficacy, and also by paying particular attention to the partly new issues that derive from it.

Original languageEnglish
JournalClinica Terapeutica
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2011

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