Translated title of the contribution: Removal by videothoracoscopy of mediastinal masses

G. Roviaro, C. Rebuffat, F. Varoli, M. Maciocco, S. M. Scalambra, C. Vergani, G. Rabughino, D. Sonnino, A. Scarduelli, P. Leone

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Mediastinal masses can be easily removed by videothoracoscopy. Thoracoscopic excision of these tumours, often benign and easily to cleavage, is advisable since the thoracotomy seems unproportioned to the gravity of the lesion. When malignant lesions with mediastinal involvement are present, videothoracoscopy proved useful in achieving selective biopsies and to chose oncological therapy. The authors present their clinical experiences of 19 mediastinal lesions (6 thymomas, 1 thymic hyperplasia in one patient affected by MG, 2 thymic cysts, 2 pleuropericardial cysts, 1 mediastinal lymphangioma, 1 neurinoma, 1 ganglioneuroma, 1 malignant schwannoma, 2 thoracic dysembriomas, 2 large thoracic lipomas) removed with a personal technique. Three postoperative bleedings were observed: in two cases a rethoracoscopy was performed, in one case the blood loss was treated with transfusion.

Translated title of the contributionRemoval by videothoracoscopy of mediastinal masses
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)757-763
Number of pages7
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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