Resting-state posterior alpha rhythms are abnormal in subjective memory complaint seniors with preclinical Alzheimer's neuropathology and high education level: the INSIGHT-preAD study

C. Babiloni, S. Lopez, C. Del Percio, G. Noce, M.T. Pascarelli, R. Lizio, S.J. Teipel, G. González-Escamilla, H. Bakardjian, N. George, E. Cavedo, S. Lista, P.A. Chiesa, A. Vergallo, P. Lemercier, G. Spinelli, M.J. Grothe, M.-C. Potier, F. Stocchi, R. FerriM.-O. Habert, F.J. Fraga, B. Dubois, H. Hampel

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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