Return to Sports After Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Survey Among Members of the European Hip Society

Martin Thaler, Ismail Khosravi, David Putzer, Klaus A Siebenrock, Luigi Zagra

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


BACKGROUND: The study's aim was to summarize the recommendations given by members of the European Hip Society (EHS) regarding sport activities after total hip arthroplasty (THA).

METHODS: Members of the EHS were invited to complete an online web-based questionnaire including recommendations for 47 sports disciplines. The questions regarding the specific sports were also divided into 4 subcategories: "allowed," "allowed when experienced," "not allowed", and "no opinion." Four intervals for resuming the sports activities after THA were evaluated: within 6 weeks after THA, 6 to 12 weeks after THA, 12 weeks to 6 months after THA, and more than 6 months after THA. Consensus on resuming sports was analyzed.

RESULTS: A total of 150 (32.9%) EHS members participated in the survey. Agreement was found for 5 sports activities in the first 6 weeks after THA, for 10 activities, 6 to 12 weeks after surgery, for 26 activities, 3 to 6 months after THA, and for 37 of 47 activities, 6 months after surgery. Sports activities which were not allowed after THA were handball, soccer and football, basketball, full contact sports, and martial arts.

CONCLUSION: This is the first report describing the recommendations of European hip arthroplasty surgeons on resuming sport activity after THA. Most physical activities were allowed for the patients 6 months after THA. The experience of the patient in performing a distinct sport activity did not influence the recommendations to return to former sports activities. European surgeons are progressively mitigating restrictions to sports after THA. Further studies should evaluate the effects of this trend on patients' outcome and implant survival.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1645-1654
JournalJournal of Arthroplasty
Issue number5
Early online dateNov 11 2020
Publication statusPublished - May 2021


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