Role of capsule endoscopy in alarm features and non-responsive celiac disease: A European multicenter study

Enrique Perez-Cuadrado-Robles, Marisol Lujan-Sanchis, Luca Elli, Jose Francisco Juanmartinena-Fernandez, Javier Garcia-Lledo, Lucia Ruano-Diaz, Juan Egea-Valenzuela, Victoria Alejandra Jimenez-Garcia, Federico Arguelles-Arias, Mileidis San Juan-Acosta, Cristina Carretero-Ribon, Noelia Alonso-Lazaro, Bruno Rosa, Francisco Sanchez-Ceballos, Antonio Lopez-Higueras, Ignacio Fernandez-Urien-Sainz, Federica Branchi, Julio Valle-Muñoz, Pilar Borque-Barrera, Santiago Gonzalez-VazquezVicente Pons-Beltran, Sofia Xavier, Begona Gonzalez-Suarez, Juan Manuel Herrerias-Gutierrez, Enrique Perez-Cuadrado-Martinez, Javier Sempere-Garcia-Arguelles

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Background and Aim: The role of capsule endoscopy (CE) in established celiac disease (CD) remains unclear. Our objective was to analyze the usefulness of CE in the suspicion of complicated CD. Methods: This was a retrospective multicenter study. One hundred and eighty-nine celiac patients (mean age: 46.6 ± 16.6, 30.2% males) who underwent CE for alarm symptoms (n = 86, 45.5%) or non-responsive CD (n = 103, 54.5%) were included. Diagnostic yield (DY), therapeutic impact and safety were analyzed. Results: Capsule endoscopy was completed in 95.2% of patients (small bowel transit time: 270.5 ± 100.2 min). Global DY was 67.2%, detecting atrophic mucosa (n = 92, 48.7%), ulcerative jejunoileitis (n = 21, 11.1%), intestinal lymphoma (n = 7, 3.7%) and other enteropathies (n = 7, 3.7%, six Crohn's disease cases and one neuroendocrine tumor). The DY of CE was significantly higher in patients presenting with non-responsive disease compared to patients with alarm symptoms (73.8% vs 59.3%, P = 0.035). The new findings of the CE modified management in 59.3% of the cases. There were no major complications. Conclusion: Capsule endoscopy may be a moderately helpful and safe diagnostic tool in the suspicion of complicated CD, modifying the clinical course of these patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)461-466
JournalDigestive Endoscopy
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Celiac disease
  • Gluten
  • Lymphoma
  • Non-responsive celiac disease

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  • Gastroenterology


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